Personal - Digital SLR
Essential Photography Course


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To provide personal interactive, challenging and fun workshops that help the photographer better understand the multiple components associated with taking and producing high quality images through a Digital SLR camera.

The student will be encouraged to shoot in real-time, utilising the modern studio and beautiful nature walks and then displaying the images on a large screen for analysis

Understanding the ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture size (F-Stop settings) and the dynamic relationship of all three

Understanding the golden rules of taking good images, how to compose an image and what to include and more importantly to avoid.

Utilising the modern photo studio and looking at how light sources affect images and how light can affect the mood and feel of an image

Understanding the techniques and software available to edit images to enhance what you have taken to make the image the best it can be. 


This course is designed for those who get frustrated at the quality of their photos but don’t know why, who own a modern DSLR camera and want to understand how to operate the camera with greater control resulting in a greater quality of images produced.

How Many:

This course is best suited to 1-3 people so we can discuss photos taken in great depth and to trouble shoot any issues with the camera or photos taken. Well behaved children are most welcome.


The course runs for 3 hours per week over a 4 week period. Preferably but not limited to business hours,  Monday to Friday. 


12 hours of Photography Workshops

  • $75 off per person with each additional attendee Feature
  • You will understand all features of your modern DSLR Camera Feature
  • You will understand how to compose and edit great images Feature
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